Tusa Visio Pro dive mask review

Tusa Visio Pro dive mask review

One of the first rules of SCUBA diving is to breathe continually and never, hold your breath. The second rule is of course to look cool! With this in mind, I am always on the look out for new and innovative products that fit in with “rule number two.”

I was particularly excited when I came across one of Tabata’s latest products, the Tusa Visio Pro dive mask. Based on the same design as the popular Visio Uno mask, the Visio Pro combines cutting edge design looks with innovative reflective glass technology. The design can only be described as retro space age and combines a high quality black silicone skirt with chrome frame. After checking that the fit was good, I could not wait to trial the new mask!

The surgical grade black silicone skirt is super comfortable and appears to be softer than many of the other mask skirts on the market including those in Tusa’s product offering. Rounded skirt edges add to the overall comfort, whilst Tusa’s second seal ensures a great seal and fit across a range of face shapes.  The mask features a quick adjust buckle system with silicone strap, which is mounted directly onto the silicone mask skirt. I am sceptical as to whether the strap mount will last the use that I put my masks through as any issues will result in the whole skirt needing to be replaced rather than simply the mask buckle. Only time and use will determine if this system works.

The mask itself is single lens and low profile in design, enhancing vision, whilst the deep “teardrop” window design ensures a good all round vision, especially useful when trying to find items in your BCD pocket!

Aside from the super cool chrome frame design, the innovative new Crystalview glass is where the Visio Pro really shines. Treated with an anti reflective and UV coating of up to twenty layers thick, the mask offers valuable UV protection for the diver that is so often missed in other masks. Many people spend vast amounts of money on the latest UV sunglasses protection, so why should there be any difference when we dive? The lenses provide 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays when we dive offering superior eye protection.

Tusa’s marketing materialfor the Visio Pro quotes that up to 15% of available light can be lost with standard glass lenses due to impurities and reflectivity. With the Clearview lenses, 92% of available light is transmitted to the diver for clear crisp vision. To be perfectly honest, I have not noticed any real difference in light transmission in this mask, but the reflective lenses certainly look cool

As a result of the treated glass and chrome finish, I have been a little more careful with my new mask over normal. Usually, my mask gets shoved into the bottom of my dive bag after use, however I have been using the mask box provided for storage as recommended by Tusa.  I am interested to see how the mask performs  with constant use as a dive professional, in and out of chlorinated pools and with high use. Hopefully it will retain its great looks with heavy use and a little more looking after than I normally give my gear! Only time will tell.

In summary, an innovative new mask that combines great looks with superior comfort and valuable eye protection.

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