Waterproof D10 Pro Drysuit Review

Waterproof D10 Pro Drysuit Review

I do certainly enjoy the finer things in life. After all, life is too short for bad coffee, cask wine and poor quality food. As a dive professional, I also like to get the best gear, gear that will stand up to the hammering that I give it, be comfortable and be worth the investment.

I always research my gear well and after significant research, I have recently invested in my first drysuit, the Swedish made Waterproof D10 Pro, and wow, what a suit it is.

Now lets face it, dry suits are not necessarily something that you would associate with style, but the D10 Pro oozes style, quality and design in bucket loads. “It’s a bit expensive though isn’t it?” is the question I have been asked about this, and to be honest, the answer is “no!”. Quality comes with a price tag, and this is certainly a quality drysuit that is built to last and certainly worth the investment.

So what do you get for your hard earned cash? Well, for starters, quality, hi-dense 3.5mm neoprene that you just know is built to last. A well-designed, stylish suit, that is both warm, comfortable and jam-packed with features. After all, the guys at Waterproof have been testing their suits in the harshest of Arctic and Antarctic conditions and fine tuning their designs for over 25 years.

Unlike so many of the suits on the market, it is available in a large range of both ladies and mens sizes, ensuring you can get a great fit without having to go to the added expense of a custom made suit. I did require a different size boot to the one that came with the correct size suit for me and was able to arrange for this to be custom fitted in the Waterproof factory in Sweden. The boots are Kevlar reinforced and angled, ensuring a sound fit under your fins and minimizing the risk of losing a fin, a common drysuit issue.

An armoured dry zipper, reinforced shoulders, double expandable pockets big enough for your spare mask and slates, anatomical sculpting for that perfect fit and polyurethane seat embossing to minimize slip on those wet boat seats. Add into the mix anatomically shaped knee guards to protect your suit and the frequently imitated stylish and functional Waterproof  “Warm Neck” design and you start to get the picture.

The suit comes with a high quality vented 7mm vented hood with warm neck collar, high quality 1000 Cordura dry style backpack for easy transportation and low pressure hose with valves so no extras to purchase.  This is a great bag for traveling and easily fits the dry suit, a set of fins, mask and other dive accessories for your flight.

In summary, a fantastic drysuit that combines style, great design, comfort and durability in one package. Well worth the investment to keep you warm when the water gets cold!

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