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So you see yourself as a budding journalist/writer/photographer? In these days of social networking and internet media such as DiveBuzz, it is becoming increasingly easy to reach out to your target audience and get your message across.

Here at DiveBuzz, we pride ourselves in being an online Dive magazine for divers, by divers. DiveBuzz would love to help you get your message across and gain exposure whilst you help us build quality content for our online community.

Articles to submit

DiveBuzz is currently accepting for publishing.  So why wait any longer, if you have any articles you would like to submit we would love to hear from you. Articles can be anything from a review of your local dive site, favorite dive location, equipment, holiday or liveaboard, to your views on conservation, your diving story, becoming an Open water / Advanced Open water / Rescue / Divemaster / Instructor / Specialty Instructor, your best ever or worst ever dive, diving fitness or health matters, the list is endless!

DiveBuzz guidelines for effective writing

DiveBuzz is a quality online magazine and as such will only publish quality articles. To ensure your article is of the appropriate quality to publish, we have set out the following guidelines for you to follow:

Honest reviews

Whilst many dive destinations are beautiful locations, at DiveBuzz, we pride ourselves in honest and open reviews. We want you to tell it as it is so you know what to expect if you visit the same dive location. At DiveBuzz, we thoroughly research the best diving and select the best operators that are suited to our needs, so we are very rarely disappointed! Please be honest in your articles, tell us what you really think or what you really saw.

Advertorials and Sponsored Posts

At DiveBuzz, we do not accept any advertorials or blatant advertising, which we believe causes our readers to question our credibility as a quality online magazine. First-hand product reviews, dive boat trips and liveaboard reviews are thoroughly encouraged. If you are a dive operator, feel free to submit articles written by staff or past guests who have given a true account of your dive operation and services. However, we will consider Sponsored Posts, where a service or product is supplied to DiveBuzz in order for us to write a review. Where this happens, it will be clearly marked to guarantee transparency, honesty and integrity. If you would like to sponsor a post, please contact us with your proposal.

Proof reading

Please ensure that you thoroughly proofread your article and perform a spell and grammar check prior to submission. We will thoroughly review your article before it goes live, and retain the right to change and reword your article if we feel we can improve it. Any major changes will be sent to you for approval prior to publication.

Word count and format

Your article may range from a couple of hundred to over a thousand words. As we are an on-line magazine, we do not have the restrictions on word count that traditional magazines do. However, we request that you keep your articles tight, on subject and interesting – do not write a thousand words when a hundred will do!

Please submit your article as a Plain Text (.txt) document. Please do not submit PDF documents.

Any images you submit with your article should be sent as separate files, and not, for instance, embedded within a Word file. (See below for image specifications.)

Quality images and captions

At DiveBuzz, we want to share the passion for diving with as many people as possible. Without powerful images, text heavy articles fail to harness this passion.

We request that, in addition to your article, you send digital images of your photos in jpeg format. Each image should be at least 850 x 600 pixels in size, in focus, correctly exposed and, if possible, cleaned of any backscatter and colour adjusted. Larger images allow us to crop the images to suit the article. No jpeg compression should be visable, so save jpgs at a high quality setting.

Please submit at least three images in support of your article. If you would like to submit additional images please follow the link at the bottom of this page to share a Dropbox folder with us. Our editors will then select the best images to suit the article. If a series of images are provided, we will create an image gallery.

If you would like to include a relevant caption for each image, which may include information such as the location, dive site, species or names of the people in the shot, please include this in your article text file.

The owner of the image retains the copyright. If you require a copyright credit, please include this in your submission.


Please submit your completed article using the Submission Form below.

Please ensure that you include in your submission:

  1. Your article in Plain Text format (.txt) which is a simple text file;
  2. Your images including captions and preferred top 3 images (refer to “Quality Images and Captions” section above).
  3. Your name, email address and a couple of sentences about you, when you caught the DiveBuzz and so on, so that we can create the ‘About the author’ info.
  4. Feel free to supply a link to your own website. In return, we ask that you add a link to your published article on from your own website.

You can expect to receive a confirmation e-mail from DiveBuzz within 3-4 working days of submission. If you do not here from us within 7 days, don’t worry, we’re probably out diving and will be in touch as soon as possible!

DiveBuzz Login

Once you have had an article accepted for publication, you will be sent a username and password to login to This will give you Contributor access, where you can edit your own articles and edit the ‘About the author’ text. Divebuzz editors retain the ability to publish articles and updates.


Your avatar is the image used in the ‘About the author’ box, which is associated with a Gravatar account linked to your email. Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums. If you already have a Gravatar account, just use the same email for and you don’t need to do anything else. To set-up your avatar image:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for a new account, using the same email address you have used for your account.
  3. Upload a photo to use as your avatar. These images are used at a small size (70px square on, so we suggest the simplier the photo the better.
  4. You can change your photo at any time, and it will be updated on, as well as any others websites and forums which link to your Gravatar.

Final Note From The Editor

DiveBuzz reserve the right to not publish your article without reason. DiveBuzz also reserve the right to make any editorial changes to your submission prior to publishing in order to ensure high quality content.

Without exception, DiveBuzz does not offer any monetary remuneration to contributors. The DiveBuzz mantra is to be a quality online dive magazine for divers, by divers. If you have something to share, we encourage you to share for the good of all. Obviously, having your article published in DiveBuzz will provide you with industry exposure and allow you to share your message with liked-minded scuba divers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch, write an article, share your story. Share your DiveBuzz!

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Image Upload: Please provide three images to support your article. Upload images as jpg. Each image should be at least 850 x 600 pixels. Limit file size to 1Mb each. If you would like to submit more images, please let us know in the comments below.

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Additional Images (or problems submitting the form)

If you would like to provide more than three images, or if you have problems submitting the files using the above form, please set up and share a Dropbox folder with us using the link below. Once set-up, create a new share folder (use your name as the Share folder) and invite the following email address as a collaborator: Follow the link to start using Dropbox.

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