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Drinking and diving – the facts

For those that know me, they will know how much I love a drink! Indeed, divers in general are a fun-loving bunch and we love nothing more than to re-live our diving stories over a beer …or 6! Diving as a sport can, in essence, can be as dangerous or as safe as you make it. With diving comes risk. [...]

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Diving Komodo National Park

The azure waters and vivid reef failed to grab our attention. As we gazed into the crystal clear abyss, the mayhem slowly unfolded before our eyes. Perhaps a sensory overload? The grey reef sharks now serving as a shy backdrop to their bolder white-tipped friends. Hiding the stunning reef from our focus. Schools of bannerfish and pulsating anthias added the [...]

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Fishing in marine protected areas in NSW

An open letter to Barry O’Farrell, NSW Premier, and Katrina Hodgkinson, Primary Industries Minister for NSW We have been diving for over a decade in Australia and there is nothing quite like it. To slowly slip beneath the surface of our amazing blue planet and witness, first hand, the labyrinth of sea creatures in their complex ecosystems is pure privilege. To not [...]

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